Silver fibre with Coolmax treatment


The X-static fabric with silver fibre is an innovative product which exploits the conductive properties of this well known precious metal. X-static is able to dissipate accumulated electrostatic charge thus helping to relieve tension with notable beneficial effects from a physical and psychological point of view. Thanks to its reflective characteristics, reduced thermal radiation and  high thermal conductivity it provides a sensation of warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

Silver emits ions which open the membranes of bacteria thus inhibiting their ability to reproduce with the result that mites are deprived of their food source and do not proliferate within the mattress. In this way X-static effectively combats the proliferation of mites, reducing their numbers by 94.1%. Silver is a 100% natural product and the X-static fabric contains no pesticide or other chemical residues and thus is completely safe.

Silver is able to destroy all types of bacteria, fungus and damaging viruses in a relatively short period of time. It has proved to be effective against more than 650 infective diseases while chemical antibiotics are only effective against about half a dozen. The properties of the X-static fabric are enhanced by the addition of the Coolmax fibre which ensures that the fabric remains dry and fresh thanks to its porosity. Coolmax is an excellent regulator both of the skin temperature and of humidity levels and provides a feeling of freshness and well-being to the whole body.




  • Anti-allergenic
  • Anti-mite
  • Anti-odor
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-stress
  • Antimicrobial
  • Thermal regulation

Articles available in this fabric

X-static fabric is available for the following products:

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