bimboSimam is a co-founder and member of the "Consorzio Produttori Italiani Matterassi di Qualità" (Consortium of Quality Italian Mattress Manufacturers)  since 1988. The certification of this consortium guarantees the quality of the mattress you have chosen for your child. The consortium is a non-profit organisation which brings together some of the most experienced companies of the sector. The member companies are united by a strong commitment to quality and a policy of transparency.

The main function of the consortium is the guarantee of product quality. The collective quality trademark, which is registered at international level and present on many of our products, proves that these have been manufactured to excellent quality standards.

Consorzio Produttori Italiani Materassi di Qualità

One of the aims of the consortium is to promote and sustain the culture of healthy sleep for all.

The consortium takes on the role of interface between the member companies, the retailer and the consumer to ensure effective communication. For the consumer the consortium is an accredited source of information regarding both the products and their suitability for satisfying the consumers requirements. For the retailer the consortium is a support resource providing updated product information and comprehensive training as well as promoting quality.



Marchio di QualitàThe Quality Label

The quality mark was created to certify the origin and the quality of the products which bear it. The presence of the quality mark on our products provides the consumer with a guarantee of the superior characteristics. The quality mark takes the form of a numbered cloth label which is then sewn onto mattresses which conform to the stringent quality standards of the consortium as well as the relevant legal requirements.

To obtain the right to carry the quality mark our mattresses are subjected to the most stringent checks laid down by national and international law. Specifically for requirements associated with physical dimensions reference is made to the standard UNI EN 1334, for performance to the standard UNI EN 1957 and for safety to the standards UNI 10707 and UNI 11036.


Certipur, the certification for Helliocel Polyurethane. 

The CertiPUR mark represents a voluntary scheme collectively promoted by the European polyurethane foam producers under the EUROPUR association, the European Association of Flexible Foam Block Manufacturers, with its organisational headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

CertipurCertiPUR is a qualification of polyurethane based products which demonstrate a high quality standard in particular with respect to environmental sustainability as well as in terms of  health and safety.
The key elements of the CertiPUR standard are summarized with the acronym SHE which stands for Safety, Health and Environment.
The CertiPUR scheme is competitive and transparent, founded on selected criteria which underline the commitment of the member companies in the use of environmentally friendly materials. An independent certified laboratory, operating on behalf of CertiPUR, analyses material samples from the member companies to ensure that the products adhere to the prescribed standards. In particular CertiPUR guarantees that the certified products do not contain substances which are damaging to health


OEKO TEX, The certification for textiles

OEKO-TEX is a global standardised system of testing and certification for textile products at all stages of production from raw fibres through to finished products. The objective of this system is to ensure that tested and certified products are free from harmful substances.

Fiducia nel tessileTests are performed for the presence of substances which are prohibited or regulated by law, for chemicals which are currently known to be harmful to health but are not yet regulated by law and to verify parameters as a precautionary measure for safeguarding health.

The tests are performed exclusively by independent textile research and test institutes which have demonstrated experience in the field and have been duly authorised. The system uses a modular approach whereby certification is possible at each stage of the production process and depends on the certification of preceding stages. Only a textiles which satisfy the requisites can carry the OEKO-TEX etiquette. All Simam mattresses use OEKO-TEX certified materials, materials which have obtained the "Confidence in Textiles" label..


EUROLATEX, The Latex Certification

The constant advancement towards higher quality standards and the need for common regulations to guarantee production standards has led euroLATEX to the adoption of the euroLATEX-ECO Standard. This certificate for latex mattress cores was developed in collaboration with a renowned European scientific institute namely the Textile and Flooring Institute GmbH in Aachen, Germany.

EurolatexThe euroLATEX-ECO standard defines the maximum acceptable levels of substances considered harmful to health and the environment. The values are based on scientific studies and rigorous limitations adopted by similar certifications.

Tests for the presence of various substances are made including heavy metals, nitrosamines, pesticides, solvents and volatile organic compounds. The limits specified by the euroLATEX-ECO standard were adopted by the European Commission for inclusion in the deliberation 2002/740/CE which establishes new criteria for the eco-label mark for mattresses.
euroLATEX believes that these standards are representative of the latest safety parameters regarding the use of latex in the production of mattresses and that the moment has arrived to individually certify the origins and authenticity of the products of its member companies in order to guarantee that the consumer receives products which satisfy the characteristics defined by the euroLATEX-ECO standard. Next time you choose a latex foam mattress check for the euroLATEX label.


Elastol No-CFCELASTOL NO-CFC: Chlorofluorocarbon-free Expanded Polyurethane

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are no longer used due to their damaging effect on the ozone layer of the atmosphere and the expanded polyurethane used in Simam products is guaranteed CFC-free.



You choose a quality mattress with you eyes open but you appreciate it most when they are shut.