About Us

50 anniSince 1961 Simam has been manufacturing mattresses, slats and bedding accessories to improve the quality of your sleep. Our solutions improve the quality of life by assisting rest and thereby ensuring that you wake up fully regenerated.

Simam has always been committed to the study and development of  production of the highest quality. Our industrial experience extends over more than fifty years and enables us to provide quality certified products to ensure healthy sleep to all those who choose Simam.

Our awareness of how important sleep is for the body, even from the first months of life, has driven us to the creation of a series of products dedicated to the youngest members of the family.



Consorzio Produttori Italiani Materassi di QualitàOur participation as co-founder of the "Consorzio Produttori Italiani Materassi di Qualità" (Consortium of Quality Italian Mattress Manufacturers) is another sign of our dedication to our customers. Our mattresses are certified by the consortium and respect the safety regulations prescribed by UNI 11036.

Simam offers the best infant mattresses available with a wide selection of models to satisfy every requirement for comfort. Although each of our mattresses has unique characteristics all of them share important qualities such as their adaptation to body weight, their summer and winter sides as well as being antibacterial, non-sagging, anti-suffocation, anatomical, orthopedic, anti-fungal and anti-mite. Many of our mattresses have a removable cover which can be machine washed or dry-cleaned to provide the most hygienic conditions for your baby and ensure the serenity of the whole family.

Since 1961 Simam ensures a healthy sleeping environment for your baby with our certified products.